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1.250th RMF By-pass Filtration Unit for Palfinger Netherlands

Recently Palfinger Netherlands purchased the 1.250th by-pass filtration unit from RMF Systems. A milestone that both companies are proud of and should not go by unnoticed. Wouter van den
Aarsen, General Manager and Wilco Wingelaar, After-sales Manager at Palfinger Netherlands, were presented an achievement award by Menno Krom, Manager Sales at RMF Systems for the long-term and pleasant cooperation between the two companies.

Palfinger AG is worldwide known for its innovative and reliable hydraulic load and lift systems mainly for installation on trucks and other vehicles. Most important product group for Palfinger AG consists of loader cranes for trucks. Within this product group the company is market leader with a 30% market share. In the Netherlands Palfinger is active in mobile loader cranes for trucks, timber and recycling cranes, container systems and truck mounted forklifts. Palfinger Netherlands wants to lead the way and therefore the company has been working together with RMF Systems for years.

Palfinger Netherlands installs a RMF Systems’ by-pass filtration unit on  nearly all remotely controlled loader cranes with proportional operated hydraulic valve units. The by-pass filtration unit operates according to the Radial Micro Filtration principle. This depth filtration is characterized by its extremely efficient filters with an absolute fineness of removing water, sludge and varnish from hydraulic oil. The extremely high oil cleanliness level that is realised, guarantees long-term stress-free performance of the cranes.

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RMF Filtration Unit on Palfinger crane

The tolerance between moving parts in proportional operated hydraulic valve blocks and servo valves becomes smaller and smaller. This results in even the smallest contamination (parts smaller than 2 micro) causing damage to your system. The recommended oil cleanliness level for proportional operated hydraulic valve blocks according to the ISO 4406:1999 standard is 17/15/13. The cleanliness of new oil is usually already below this recommended level.

The continuous strive of Palfinger Netherlands to deliver high quality products has led to the implementation of the RMF by-pass filtration units. “We are convinced that the addition of the RMF by-pass unit adds to the optimisation of the loader crane’s quality”, according to Wilco Wingelaar. The extreme efficient filters of RMF Systems remove both the solid particles and water particles from the oil. This prevents damage to the hydraulic components, resulting in less down time and a longer services life of the oil and loader cranes.“

80% of the problems with mobile and industrial applications is caused by contaminated oil. RMF Systems has developed advanced oil filtration and monitoring solutions for over 25 years. The
filtration is based on the Radial Micro Filtration principle; depth filtration to remove even the smallest solid particle contamination and water particles from oil.

The by-pass filtration unit is especially developed to provide optimal reliability to mobile equipment under harsh conditions. It is a modular unit that can be adjusted to the client’s requirements. The hydraulic manifold block and the compact design of the by-pass filtration unit make it easy to install. The unique integrated pressure compensated flow control valve provides a low and constant oil flow, creating the ideal circumstances for oil filtration.

“We always strive to provide the best system to optimise oil cleanliness, for every situation we offer a tailor made solution. Clean oil extends the service life of the oil and equipment and reduces down time caused by maintenance and malfunctions.” Menno Krom highlights: “We provide our clients with care-free solutions that help reduce the total cost of ownership.”

RMF & Palfinger Achievement Award

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