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Contamination Monitoring Sensor 2

The CMS in-line particle monitor has been upgraded to version 2. This new and improved CMS 2 has a couple of new features for better usability.

Now you can download collected data directly to an USB stick without connecting the CMS 2 to your computer.

Additional secondary connector allows you to simultaneously download the results during operation.

If you like to know more about new features of CMS 2, download the leaflet.

Contamination Monitoring Sensor 2

RMF Systems becomes part of Des-Case Corporation

Doedijns Group International (DGI) announced on March 28th the sale of its filtration business unit, RMF Systems, to Des-Case Corporation. Des-Case Corporation was founded in 1983 to provide the lubricant industry with innovative specialty filtration products for lubricant protection and is headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, USA.

Read the press release HERE.

Frank Robben (top left) – CEO Doedijns Group International, Brian Gleason (Top right) – CEO Des-Case Corporation.
Gerben Gerken (bottom left) – Managing Director RMF Systems, Menno Krom (bottom right) – Sales Manager RMF Systems. 

Introduction to Oil Cleanliness

Fluid is one of the most important components of the hydraulic system.


The majority of hydraulic failures are caused by contaminated fluid. This contamination can enter the system in different ways causing various contamination types and system failures. To help you in reducing downtime of your hydraulic system we offer you the new released guide to Oil Cleanliness.

Divided in five chapters we discuss contamination, oil analysis, filtration, maintenance and solutions.

The guide can be downloaded by clicking on the link below HERE.

Solution for filtration of large oil volumes

Filtration of hydraulic fluids can be a complicated process, especially for large volume reservoirs. RMF Systems has developed a new offline filtration system, the MultiPure. This system is designed to filter large quantities of hydraulic fluids utilising the Radial Micro Filtration technology. The MultiPure is suitable for almost any industry and will significantly prolong the service life of your oil and equipment.

Severe damage
Most standard fitted system filters contain fibreglass filter elements, which don’t remove particles smaller than 3 micron. Within high pressure hydraulic applications, cluttering of smaller particles can quickly result in the development of varnish, the increase of the TAN value and an significant reduction of the lubrication quality of the oil.

Highly efficient Radial Micro Filtration
The MultiPure applies the Radial Micro Filtration technology. The filter elements in the MultiPure consist of 200 layers of Cellulose, and are especially designed to remove even the smallest particles under low flow and pressure circumstances. Removing these small particles results in significantly cleaner oil, a lower TAN value and the oil will keep its lubrication characteristics. This can result in considerable cost savings, especially with large volumes of hydraulic fluids.

The filter elements in the MultiPure are also capable of removing dissolved water from the hydraulic fluid. Removing both water and metal particles will significantly reduce oxidation of the fluid. The result will be an extended service life of both fluid and system components, less downtime and maintenance and therefore lower costs of ownership.

Condition based maintenance
The MultiPure comes as a skid design, combining 12 highly efficient Cellulose filter elements in a carbon steel housing. The robust steel pump with integrated safety guarantees a stable flow of the oil. Additionally the MultiPure can be equipped with a Condition Monitoring Centre, providing you with real time status information. The Condition Monitoring Centre can be outfitted with various sensors, like a particle counter, an oil degradation sensor and a water sensor. The collected data enables you to perform condition based maintenance instead of performing unnecessary maintenance based just on elapsed time.


Please have a look at our product leaflet for more information.


Introducing extremely robust Desiccant Breather

RMF Systems has extended its product range with the extremely robust Titan Desiccant Breather. The Titan series have been developed in-house and operate by the same efficient process as the other air conditioners within the RMF Systems range. The difference is the housing of the Titan Desiccant Breather, which is made out of the strongest polymer to withstand even the most harsh conditions.

Highest efficiency in a single process

Where other air conditioners only remove the moisture from the air, the Titan Desiccant Breather from RMF Systems reduces contamination of your oils by removing solid particles (down to 3µ) and moisture from the air. Both solid particles and moisture are removed in a highly efficient single process.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Removing both the solid particles and moisture prevents contamination and oxidation of the oil and components. This process prolongs the service life of the oil and the equipment and reduces the down time and maintenance. Final result is a significant reduction of the total cost of ownership for your equipment.

Integrated anti splash device

The new Titan Desiccant Breather comes standard with an integrated anti splash device to eliminate oil from the equipment reservoir reaching the air filter and ZR Gel. Optional check valves can be added. These valves are fitted in opposing directions, opening whilst in- or exhaling. This prevents atmospheric contact between the air and the ZR Gel under static conditions, increasing the lifetime of the drying agent.

Serviceable and non-toxic

All desiccant breathers are completely serviceable, RMF Systems can provide you with spare filter elements or refills of the non-toxic and non-carcinogenic ZR gel granules. The Titan Desiccant Breather is available in two sizes. They are compatible with almost all hydraulic and lubricating fluid applications, because of the wide variety of connection options.

Titan Desiccant Breathers

You can find more information about the Titan Desiccant Breathers in the Leaflet.

Mesh Pre-Filter

Vacuum Dehydration Units can now be equipped with a pre-filter on the suction side.
This pre-filter will prevent large particles and debris causing malfunctionings to the units. The pre-filter will protect the solenoid valve and pump.

The pre-filter has a mesh size of 149 micron and is easily serviced, no tools are required and the mesh can easily be cleaned and reused. The viton seals make it suitable for most fluids.
The Mesh pre-filter can be also be installed on the complete OLU A&B series Off-Line Units.


You can find more information about the Mesh pre-filter in the Datasheet.

New mounting plates

Specially for our ACL series Desiccant Breathers and KL90 & KL120 series air filters we designed mounting plates that can be used for installing a desiccant breather on top of oil reservoirs without using an extra coupling.

The mounting plates are available in two sizes. KLS91 has 3/4” external thread and can be used for ACL93 and ACL96 desiccant breathers and KL90 air filter. KLS1201 has 1 1/4” external thread and can be used for KL120 air filter. Both mounting plates have a port for installing a filter minder and are supplied with sealings for leakproof operation.

You can find more information about dimensions and ordering codes of mounting plates in our Desiccant Breather brochure. 

KLS mounting plates

Introducing the VariPure

The VariPure is an advanced filter trolley for filtration of hydraulic and lubrication fluids. The pump flow is controlled by a frequency controller which allows the RPM of the electric motor to be adjusted to the desired level with the corresponding oil flow.

The VariPure is the perfect solution if limited time is available for the filtration of fluids or when a permanent installation is not possible.

The filter unit can be used for systems with different viscosities or for quick flushing.

If you like to know more about this Off-Line filter Unit, view the VariPure product page or download our brochure.

VariPure 1

Condition Based Monitoring and Filtration combined

To maintain the oil quality of the lubrication system in the main trusters of a drillship, we designed a Off-line filter with integrated Condition Monitoring Center and standby heating  in one unit.


To read the complete project and see the results of the cleanliness levels click, HERE 



Mini Water VAC is installed on an Offshore Support Vessel Thruster

Our distributor in Norway installed a Mini Water VAC to maintain Thruster Oil quality on an Offshore Support Vessel.

Mini Water VAC Havila Subsea

The RMF Mini Water VAC is designated oil purification unit which can be applied directly to various types of machine reservoirs. The unit dehydrate and clean most types of oil such as lubricating, hydraulic, transformer and switch oils by removing particles, gasses, and water. The purified oil satisfies the most stringent quality requirements, such as stated in the ISO 4406.

For more information about our Vacuum Dehydration Units please click HERE.

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