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Filtration & Monitoring Solutions for hydraulic oil and lubricants

Distributors Wanted

RMF Systems located in the Netherlands is a well known international fluid filtration company with more than 25 years experience in the field of oil management. The extensive product range includes By-pass filters for the mobile hydraulic market, Off-line filters for industrial hydraulic applications, Air conditioners (desiccant air breathers) for a variety of applications and Condition Monitoring for all kinds of applications. The name RMF Systems has become synonymous with the latest developments in filtration technology.

As a company which is continually developing its export markets, RMF Systems is constantly searching for new, motivated international distributors with current activities in the fluid power industry. Distributors who are able to represent our product range RMF Systems on a national basis, either through own subsidiaries or with a distribution network.

RMF Systems offers an excellent competitive product range, substantial technical and informative literature in a range of modern media and committed sales support.

RMF Systems is currently represented in more than 30 countries.

If you are interested in investigating the potential of RMF Systems, please contact us. We would appreciate receiving full details and a brief company profile.

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