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Introducing the new Oil Quality Display (OQD) Smart

The OQD Smart is a simple device which allows you to read the oil quality and temperature on site. It displays data collected by the Oil Quality Sensor and enables on site monitoring without a PC. Due to its rugged IP67 rated polycarbonate housing we can ensure you the OQD Smart is a strong and durable product.

Although the solid housing remains roughly unchanged, the OQD smart is more than just an upgrade, it´s a completely new product. First of all, the user interface has been completely renewed. By adding more display screens, there is no need to manually switch between oil quality and oil temperature any more. Both values are directly visible for the user. Next to separate screens for oil quality and temperature, a display was added for “Rate of change”. This brand new feature allows the user to easily monitor the degradation of oil over a programmable period of time.

New OQD with OQS

The software has been completely rewritten and has a more user friendly design. This makes it easy to configure your OQD smart and optimize it to fit your specific requirements. The RMF Software will update automatically to ensure you are always up to speed. The renewed software also enables the user to set warning (amber) and alarm (red) levels of oil quality, temperature and rate of change.

You can easily trend the results without having to use other software. If you prefer to use Excel for your reporting, you can simply export the data for further analysis.

For more information about the OQS and OQD Smart, please see the Oil Quality Sensor brochure.

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