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Introduction Mini Air Conditioner ACM61R

To complement the already impressive range of Air Conditioners (Desiccant Breathers) RMF Systems introduces the new Mini Airconditioner ACM61R.

It is constructed from a fully injection moulded body and a spin-on air filter. The body is so rugged that it is suited for all applications such as heavy duty mobile or industrial applications. The Air filter is a 3 micron fibre glass replaceable spin-on filter. The Mini Air Conditioner has a 3/8″ BSP female thread at the base, in which a variety of adaptors can be fitted.

A unique feature of the Mini Air Conditioner are the springloaded  (0,01 bar) check valves fitted in the base in opposing directions, opening only whilst inhaling or exhaling. This way there is no atmospheric contact with the air and the Z-R gel under static conditions.

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Due to its compact size the Mini Air Conditioner is particularly suited for mounting on small gearboxes or hydraulic powerpacks. Applications where regular wash downs occur are also very suited to the Mini Air Conditioner.

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