Filtration & Monitoring Solutions for hydraulic oil and lubricants


Introduction Smart filters with integrated Contamination Monitor

The growing demand for Condition Monitoring solutions and the successful application of depth filtration on hydraulic and lube oils systems have lead to the development of RMF Off-line or By-pass filters with an integrated inline Contamination Monitoring System (CMS).

This development allows machine operators to keep their hydraulic oil clean and monitor on-line the contamination levels real time.

The low cost CMS has 8 channels for solid contamination measurement and a Moisture (RH) & Temperature option. It reports in any of the international standard formats ISO 4406:1999, NAS 1638, AS 4059E and ISO 11218.

The RMF SMART unit combines the advantages of the new and integrated RMF – CMS technology with the proven technology of the Radial Micro Filtration System. The filter units of RMF Systems have a large dirt and water collection capacity and are famous for their excellent filtration efficiency. Oil life is increased, resulting in fewer oil changes.


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