Filtration & Monitoring Solutions for hydraulic oil and lubricants


RMF Systems products can be applied in nearly any market place. The broad product range offers solutions for practically every industry, from flight simulators, plastic injection moulding machines to sugar cane harvesters or mining machinery.


RMF Systems offers solutions for the mining industry. Applications can be found in underground mining, open pit mining and on the mining process side. Products are offered for stationary equipment such as conveyor drives, mills, sludge pumps On the mobile side in mining we offer solutions for drilling equipment, scalers, dump  trucks  excavators and loaders.

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RMF Systems offers solutions for most hydraulic and lubrication systems in the marine industry. The products are used on thrusters, clutches, cranes, cargo acces equipment. Oil monitoring solutions are specially developed for marine thruster applications.

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RMF Systems offers solutions for many different industrial application such as hydraulic drive systems in automotive, hydraulic paper presses, plastic injection moulding machines, test benches etc. Monitoring equipment, off line filters and desiccant breather are used in gearboxes in many different fields.

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RMF Systems products are widely used in the mobile market, applications can be found in construction equipment ( excavators, wheel loaders asphalt finishers ). Ground support equipment on airports (pallet loaders, de-icers, airplane tugs), Forestry equipment (harvesters and forwarders)

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Power Generation

RMF Systems offers solutions for contamination control and oil condition monitoring in gas turbines, steam turbines, generators sets. Giant Off line filters, Vacuum Dehydrators, Oil Quality Sensors and particle counters  are commonly used in this sector. Special Off line filters and desiccant breathers are particularly suited for use in transformers and tap gear changers.  

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Renewable Energy

RMF Systems offers solutions for contamination control and oil condition monitoring in Wind turbines for both the hydraulic controls and gearbox system. Desiccant breathers, off-line filter units, Condition monitoring Centers are commonly used in this sector. Hydraulic operated tracking systems in Solar energy are often equipped with RMF desiccant breathers.

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RMF Systems offers solutions for contamination control and oil condition monitoring in many off shore applications. Oil Quality sensors and Contamination monitoring Sensors are applied in hydraulic pile driving equipment, desiccant breathers are used on power packs and gearboxes. Air driven off line filters are available for explosion proof areas. Stainless steel duplex filters and special off line filters for Active Heave Compensators are part of the many special solutions offered.

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