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New mounting plates

Specially for our ACL series Desiccant Breathers and KL90 & KL120 series air filters we designed mounting plates that can be used for installing a desiccant breather on top of oil reservoirs without using an extra coupling.

The mounting plates are available in two sizes. KLS91 has 3/4” external thread and can be used for ACL93 and ACL96 desiccant breathers and KL90 air filter. KLS1201 has 1 1/4” external thread and can be used for KL120 air filter. Both mounting plates have a port for installing a filter minder and are supplied with sealings for leakproof operation.

You can find more information about dimensions and ordering codes of mounting plates in our Desiccant Breather brochure. 

KLS mounting plates

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