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Official introduction of RMF systems Maxi Water Vac dehydration unit

In 2006 RMF Systems introduced the Mini Water Vac, which proved very successful in a variety of industries. However, the success of the Mini Water Vac generated the demand for a larger vacuum dehydration unit to be able to control larger reservoirs of oil with water problems.

Maxi Water VAC

After a long testing period we are happy to announce the launch of the Maxi Water Vac, a fully automatic vacuum dehydration unit. The Maxi Water Vac is PLC controlled, has a double pump system (in & out), simple maintenance and a unique heat regeneration system (low energy cost). The total power consumption is only 5,2 kW, which is well below the max output of a 16A power socket. The standard unit is so complete that it leaves only a few optional additions, such as wheels and full stainless steel covers/panels.

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