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Politique de confidentialité

The Dutch Data Protection Act

RMF Systems is obliged to comply with the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wet Beschermings Persoonsgegevens, WBP). We therefore act in accordance with the requirements laid down therein.

What we do with your data

When requesting information and / or placing orders we request you to provide us with personal data. We require this information to process your application and / or to execute your order. In addition, we might use the data to keep you updated about our products. If you prefer not to receive information about our products, please let us know via our contact form on the website. We will then make sure that no such information will be send.

Your personal information is safe with us

Privacy and the protection of personal data is important to all, both you and us. We handle your personal data with utmost care. Our systems and programs are highly secured to prevent unauthorized persons, from outside, as well as from within our company, to access your personal data.


RMF Systems reserves the right to make changes in the Privacy Statement. Obviously, RMF Systems will amend the Privacy Statement where necessary due on applicable legislation (as amended from time to time) (Version 2.0 July 31, 2014).


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