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Oil Demister

The RMF Systems Oil-Demister are specially designed to prevent oil  mist or fluid migration through air vents. The RMF demister consists of an aluminium body with external cooling ribs and can be fitted below the air conditioner or air filter.

Mounting Plates

RMF offers a range of Mounting or Adaptor Plates that can be fitted to hydraulic reservoirs. The mounting plates all have the standard DIN-24557/2 pattern. Mounting plates range from simple fitting of air conditioner only, mounting plate with additional port for vacuum indicator (Filter Minder), to mounting plates with additional porting, connection for suction and return ports for Off-line filters.


Filter Minder

To monitor the state of the air filter, RMF Systems offers a Filter Minder (vacuum switch). The filter minder is a combination graduated indicator and switch (N/O), a yellow indicator moves up in the window and locks at the highest air filter restriction. When it reaches the red zone, or highest recommended restriction, it closes a contact and can send a signal to the filter warning light. The locked position at highest restriction must be reset manually. The filter minder can be fitted to a variety of the RMF Mounting or Adaptor Plates.

Desiccant Breathers

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