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KL121R Desiccant Breather

KL121R Desiccant Breather

The KL121R Desiccant Breather deals effectively with solid contamination and water vapour (moisture) so hydraulic reservoirs can breath clean, dry air.

KL121RV desiccant breathers are suitable for gearbox applications.  Spring loaded (0.01 bar) check valves fitted in the base in opposing directions, opening only whilst inhaling or exhaling.

KL121R, KL121RV specifications

KL121R KL121RV
Article Number 9318102 9245628
Weight 2,7 kg 2,7 kg
Dimension 280 x 130 mm 280 x 130 mm
Max. Air flow 1500 l/min 400l/min
Connection 1 1/4” BSP male 1 1/4” BSP male
Air filter KL120 9317903 9317903
KL121 refill 9331157 9317903
KL121R sparekit 9318117 9318117
HS Tariff code 8421.3920
Made in the Netherlands
Made in the Netherlands


For complete specification, download our Desiccant Breather brochure. In case you were unable to find the information you were looking for, check our Desiccant breather product page.

RMF KL121R Desiccant Breather

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