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Titan Desiccant Breathers

Toughest desiccant breather on the market

The Titan series operate by the same efficient process as the other air breathers within the RMF Systems range. The difference is the housing of the Titan Desiccant Breather, which is made out of the strongest polymer to withstand even the most harsh conditions. Due to the integrated inner core the desiccant breather is also lighter. The Titan Desiccant Breather therefore offers an even wider range of possible applications.

Integrated anti-splash device

The Titan Desiccant Breather comes standard with an integrated anti-splash device to eliminate oil from the equipment reservoir reaching the air filter and ZR Gel. Optional check valves can also be added to the Titan series. These valves are fitted in opposing directions, opening whilst in- or exhaling. This prevents atmospheric contact between the air and the ZR Gel under static conditions, increasing the lifetime of the drying agent.

Titan Desiccant Breathers specifications

96 Series 121 Series
Weight ± 1,1 kg ± 1,5 kg
Dimension H x D ± 243 x 100 mm ± 267 x 130 mm
Max. Air flow without 700 l/min 1500 l/min
check valves
Max. Air flow with 300 l/min 400 l/min
check valves
Connection 3/4” BSPP male 1 1/4” BSPP male
3/4” BSPP male 1 1/4” NPT male
1” BSPP male 1” BSPP male
1” NPT male 1” NPT male
Air filter KL90/KL120 9331034 9317903
Refill 9331155 9331157
Complete Sparekit 9318116 9318117
HS Tariff code 8421.3920 8421.3920
Made in the Netherlands Made in the Netherlands


For complete specification, download our Titan Desiccant Breather Leaflet. In case you were unable to find the information you were looking for, check our Desiccant breather product page.

Titan Desiccant Breathers

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