Filtration & Monitoring Solutions for hydraulic oil and lubricants

LPA2 – Laser Particle Analyser

The LPA2 is a highly precise, lightweight & fully portable twin laser particle analyser and particle counter suitable for on-site and laboratory applications. It can automatically measure and display particulate contamination, moisture and temperature levels in various hydraulic fluids.

The LPA2 gives accurate results of the amounts and sizes of contaminants instant results. LPA2 is calibrated with ISO Medium Test Dust (MTD) based on ISO 11171:1999 calibration standard. The new MTD has a certified distribution standard verified by NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology), USA. The LPA2 is designed to meet the new ISO 4406 cleanliness classification code which is a 3-part code, 4µm(c), 6µm(c) and 14µm(c). The LPA2 also provides results in the NAS 1638 and the SAE4059 code.

LPA2 Comes with:

  • Sample hoses
  • External power supply
  • Transport case


  • Lightweight (Lightest in class)
  • Fully portable
  • Precision Instrument
  • Full Calibration in line with ISO11171
  • Measures and displays the following international standard formats; ISO 4406:1999, NAS 1638, AS 4059E and ISO 11218
  • Moisture and temperature sensing
  • Data logging and 600 test result memory
  • Manual and remote control flexibility
  • LPA View software (included)
  • Full size QWERTY keyboard
  • Various test programme settings
  • Internal rechargeable battery capable of performing 100 tests between charges

Technical Specification

  • Sensitivity: >4,6,14,21,25,38,50,68,µm(c), micron range to revised ISO 4406 Standard
  • Analysis Range: ISO 8 to ISO 24, ISO 4406 Code. (NAS 1638 Code – 2 to 12) (SAE AS 4059- Code 2 to 12)
  • Report/print format: ISO and NAS codes, with optional individual particle counts
  • Operation: Max. system pressure: 400 bar. Min. working pressure: 2 bar.
  • Viscosity Range: to 400 cSt
  • Operating Temperature: +5° C +80° C
  • Fluid Compatibility: Mineral oil & petroleum based fluids, and Skydrol
  • Hose connections: Microbore pressure hose 1.5 m long with minimess fittings.
  • Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 210 x 430 x 260
  • Weight: 7,6 kg


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