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Off-Line Unit for a power plant

HE Mavčiče lies in the valley of the Sava River, downstream from Kranj, the village Mavčiče. The power plant is a flow-type dam structure concrete gravity-type. Storage pool allows for the accumulation of water per day to cover peak periods of consumption of electricity.

The power plant is equipped with three synchronous generators rated at 14.3 MVA power voltage of 6.3 kV, which through a transformer (45 MVA 119/6, 3 kV) are connected to the 110 kV network.

The old machines in SEL HE MAVČČE and HE VRHOVO have many problems with hydraulic proportional valves.

RMF Systems supplied OLUW2B Off-Line Units with a water absorption prefilter to the power plant. After the Off-Line Units were installed, the machine downtime was reduced and new contamination problems were avoided.

After 4 month of filtering, the ISO cleanliness level went from 21/18/15 to 15/11/4.


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