Filtration & Monitoring Solutions for hydraulic oil and lubricants

Off-Line Units for Plastic injection Moulding Machines

At the WAVIN plant in Hardenberg plastic injection moulding machines are used for production of couplings and fittings. To increase productivity and reduce costs on these machines, Wavin set the following goals:

  • Reduce downtime hydraulic system, caused by oil contamination
  • Improve cleanliness levels hydraulic oil / Increase lifetime hydraulic oil

With standard filtration solutions like Suction, Pressure & Return line filters, the oil cleanliness still exceeds the levels requested by the component suppliers (of servo & prop. valves). The solution for Wavin was an RMF Systems Off-Line filter.

Oil cleanliness before OffLine filtration: ISO15/12/11, NAS7
Oil cleanliness after 3 month of OffLine filtration: ISO11/08/00, NAS3


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