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Smart Off-Line Unit for Fugro Marine

For the newly build survey vessels, the Searcher & Galaxy, Fugro purchased RMF Systems Smart Off-Line filter Units to be mounted to the central Hydraulics system. The central hydraulic system drives the deck equipment such as A-Frame and winches. Based on the positive experience on these ships the Fugro Brasilis, currently under construction, is also  equipped with the Smart Offline filter.

On top of the hydraulic tank of the HPU a SMART Off-Line Filter was installed, the filter unit acts as a kidney loop continuously pumping a small amount of oil through extreme fine filters which remove both solid particles and water. In addition the filter is equipped with a Contamination Monitoring Sensor which reports oil cleanliness and water content.

The RMF Systems monitoring unit is connected to the Ships AMS system (ALARM MONITORING SYSTEM). Any possible increase in contamination, temperature or water ingress is detected after which immediate action can be taken.

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