Filtration & Monitoring Solutions for hydraulic oil and lubricants

Smart Off-line Units for offshore cranes

MacGregor is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology that resolves our clients’ requirements for advanced and reliable engineering solutions that meet specific operational demands. In close co-operation with our clients we design comprehensive integrated solutions that optimise overall functionality of the vessel and offer operational profitability to the operator.

Tradition of engineering excellence and decades of experience in providing extensive systems to vessels operating in some of the most extreme offshore environments worldwide, make MacGregor a preferred supplier of offshore load handling solutions.

To prevent fluid contamination MacGregor offers RMF Systems Off-line Filter Unit for the hydraulic power packs. The filter unit acts as a kidney loop continueasly pumping a small amount of oil through extreme fine filters which remove both solid particles and water. The Off-line filter unit comes equipped with a Contamination Monitoring Sensor which reports oil cleanliness and water content.

The RMF monitoring unit can be connected to the Ships Alarm monitoring system. Any possible increase in contamination, temperature or water ingress is detected after which immediate action can be taken.

RMF Systems supplied 7 smart units for MacGregor Offshore Cranes.


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