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Save costs by investing in Superior Filtration

In the hydraulic market it is an accepted fact that poor fluid condition causes 80% of all hydraulic failures. This is the result of the presence of solid particles such as metal, sand, rubber and water in oil. Mainstream filters are incapable of removing the smallest particles, smaller than 2 micron (better known as silt); most of the silt remains in the system and affects the chemical composition of the oil.

The presence of free water contributes to the deterioration of the oil. The combination of water and small copper particles will also create a catalytic effect which can shorten oil life considerably. All these problems lead to reduced oil usage life and increase component wear, maintenance cost and machine down time. Removing silt and preventing the formation of free water can combat these problems and reduce the operating cost.

Investing in superior filtration will reduce the maintenance costs drastically. Click HERE to read the complete white paper on saving costs by investing in superior filtration.

We would be pleased to help you out with all contamination related failures by applying this model in you application.

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